Friday, August 9, 2013

More Egg Art

Some Egg Art for your Friday.  

Squirrelly, Egg Art Cartoon by Joel Haffner
Squirrelly is an actual squirrel that runs around our house and climbs everything.  
This is Joel's interpretation of Squirrelly. 

Squirrelly detail 

The Love Jogger, Egg Art by Joel Haffner
This is an early example of egg art.  
I love that his shoe is untied.

Nerd in Love, Egg Art by Joel Haffner
You can tell in some of these that we switched our brand of paper-towel by the embossing/ texture of the paper- towels. 

The Love Igloo, Egg Art by Joel Haffner
Joel always puts in funny little details like the icicle on the Eskimo's nose.  Of course all these characters represent Joel in some manner - he may deny this if asked.

Elf with bird and flower,  Egg Art by Joel Haffner
I could always tell when Joel had some extra time in the mornings, the drawings would have more detail and generally they would be more complex. 
Alien,  Egg Art by Joel Haffner

I have over 100 maybe even 200 of these Egg Art cartoons and will be posting more every week so check back. For the story behind Egg Art visit my August, 8th blog post. 

Interested in seeing more of Joel's artwork:

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