Saturday, August 17, 2013

Egg Art post #5

Egg Art: The History

My husband is wonderful, he packs me a lunch almost every day. I am not a big breakfast eater and mornings are hectic, running out the door... so my husband sticks a hard boiled egg in my lunch bag. To keep the egg from getting cracked he wraps it in a paper towel. Once as a surprise he drew a picture on the paper towel of a funny little creature. I told him how much I loved the drawing, that it made me laugh. Ever since, I get a little drawing wrapped around my egg... a little "Egg Art" which I am sharing with you.

Egg Art by Joel Haffner

The Purple Tufted Heart Head,  Cartoon by Joel Haffner
 The title of the Egg Art above is "The Purple Tufted Heart Head." 
The drawing was too large to fit all of it on my scanner. 
His little note to the side says, 
"Prone to Excessive Amounts of Affection."
The Early Bird..., Cartoon by Joel Haffner
Check back often to see more Egg Art.

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